Andaman Tour Packages

Andaman sits at the bottom of India, surrounded by the northeastern Indian Ocean. But if you're an Indian, it probably sits pretty high on your bucket list; let's dive into that for a second and figure out whether Andamans should be the place for your next getaway.

You need three things to have a fantastic vacation: a great place to stay, a variety of food you could gobble on, and sumptuous surroundings in which you want to last forever. Additionally, if you're an adventure seeker, then the list would have a fourth pillar: activities to do.

Andamans is filled with luxurious beachside properties, and a variety of seafood you would generally not find anywhere else in India is filled with beaches, deep and crystal clear water, and flora and fauna.

And if you're an adventure seeker, Andamans is known as the water sports hub of India. So, it checks all the necessities for having a great vacation.

In terms of water sports, Andamas offers various scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing, parasailing, and other activities. Here you can enjoy a brief session for any of your chosen sports, get a certification, or even be a trainer if you're that good and have the time for it.

Although it's famous for its beaches, namely Radhanagar Beach, Kala Pathar Beach, Elephanta Beach, and some seventeen other beaches, that's not the end.

Andamans has a bagful of famous places to visit, such as Neil Islands, Havelock Islands, Cellular Jail, Guitar Island, Port Blair, and more.

One tip to make your experience great is to avoid the humid and rainy seasons when visiting the archipelago. Instead, the best time to visit Andamans would fall between October to May.

To reach Andamans, we prefer to go by air route as it's more convenient. You'll land at Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair. The flights are generally economical if you're coming from Kolkata or Bangalore and would be a little on the high side for Mumbai and Delhi.

Another essential thing one should know before visiting Andamans is that bikinis are not allowed on beaches, so prepare accordingly and pack sunscreen so as not to get tanning.

Also, while seafood lovers would have a great time if you're on an entirely vegetarian diet, there might be some difficulty enjoying the cuisine.

The archipelago is one of India's most sought-after beach destinations by tourists seeking luxurious getaways. Generally, it comes second to Goa, and a question often pops up; Andamans or Goa.

Of course! Goa remains the most popular, but with popularity and accessibility, it's always too crowded, which can sometimes deteriorate the experience. So, if you want a peaceful beach vacation, Andamans should be your pick.

Best suited for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway, this place feels dreamy when you're having a romantic beachside dinner, in the calmness of the sea, under open skies, and hearing the tide waves nearby.

So, if you're ready, let Sand and Peaks take you to Andamans for your upcoming getaway.