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What Is Workation And Why You Should Have One?

What Is Workation And Why You Should Have One?

Have you heard of the term workation? Now, this term is made by combining two words, work, and vacation. So, what is the meaning of this term? And how can it affect your life and routine?

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, we all have been going through a lot of changes. Our work schedule, way of working, everything had changed drastically. For an instance, before the lockdown, you used to go to your office, right? 

But, after the covid-19, working from home was adopted by most of the offices. Even in schools, an online mode of teaching was started. 

So, you must have surely faced a lot of changes in your life and normal routine. But, through these new methods, you must have also learned many new things as well. For example, who knew working from home could also be so productive?

Now, imagine that you are in a hotel room, and are working from there. Sounds relaxing, right? This is exactly what a workation is. 

What Is Workation? 

A workation is a vacation where you also do your work. When simply put, it is a vacation that combines business and a holiday. 

Imagine attending business meetings from a beach, or replying to emails from your hotel. Now, compare this image to you working from your office. 

Obviously, the first option is much more exciting and calming, despite the work being exactly the same, right? This is what workation means. 

As HR Technologist says: “A workation is a vacation that allows you to work remotely while integrating elements of leisure that let you unwind, relax and be more productive.”

Why Is Workation So Popular? 

Workation has become popular recently, especially after the pandemic. You see so many people working remotely or in a hybrid model. 

And according to some of them, working remotely or in a hybrid way is more productive than the traditional method. Moreover, to help the people, there are many productivity and collaboration tools as well. 

So, this is a good solution for jobs that do not require you to come to the office every day. Additionally, this way of working is better as it provides the flexibility of time to you as well. 

And, the pandemic provided that to get a job done, a 9 to 5 schedule is not always necessary. So, for people who need to give time to their family, workation is a really good solution. 

How Will This Benefit You?

Sitting in one place for 8 hours straight is not very pleasant, right? And compared to this, who wouldn’t like working for a vacation? 

Workation will give you the time and flexibility to relax while working at the same time. So, it is a really good option if you want to travel and earn at the same time. 

If your job permits such a working model, then you can work on the hobbies and activities that you’ve always wanted. Moreover, if you are working form an environment that is relaxing and calm, then you will be more productive. 

Here is a list of benefits that workation promotes:

  • It helps to increase motivation.
  • It Increases productivity.
  • Your efficiency Increases.
  • You become more creative.
  • You will get a lot of inspiration as well.
  • As employees are more relaxed, employee retention increases. 
  • Increases in job satisfaction among the employees.
  • It also increases the overall well-being of the employees as well.

Therefore, workation is a very unique and interesting way of working and vacation. So, for this, make a budget and plan a vacation accordingly. And this way, you can also know whether or not this way of working is for you. 

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